What is the definition of a security officer?

Answer A security officer is someone who guards and protects properties, valuables and people. Security officers can be hired by companies, shops, museums, banks, schools, etc., to provide patrol and secu... Read More »

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What are the duties of a security officer or security guard?

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What is a security officer?

A security officer is an individual who patrols property and inspects for damage, unauthorized people on the premises, hazards, fire and whatever else the employer wants checked. They may also chec... Read More »

What is a CCW certified security officer?

Throughout the United States, a CCW certified security officer is one trained to use a concealed weapon in public. As a result of that training, the security officer earns a multi-state CCW (concea... Read More »

What is a facility security officer?

Businesses, hospitals and schools all employ facility security officers. Each of these organizations may require its security officers to perform slightly different duties, but the primary job of t... Read More »