What is the definition of a screen printer?

Answer A screen printer is a person who uses the screen-printing method to transfer ink images. A stencil is affixed to a mesh screen, and ink is passed through the screen to imprint the image.Source:Info... Read More »

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The Difference Between a Silk Screen & Screen Printer?

Graphics are transferred to items using different transfer methods, such as silk screening. This technique, which is also known as serigraphy, uses a mesh silk screen. An artist carefully draws t... Read More »

What is a screen printer?

A screen printer is a contraption used for printing on non-standard materials like plastics, metals and fabrics. The process consists of rolling ink across a screen that has strategically placed op... Read More »

How to Make a Silk Screen Printer?

Silk-screen printing is a versatile technique for printing graphics on a wide variety of surfaces. You can make a silk-screen printer on a tabletop that can easily print on paper, fabric, glass or ... Read More »

How to Print Screen Directly to a Printer?

The "Print Screen" button isn't another useless function key even though it was used primarily during the days of DOS-based machines. Nowadays, the print screen command copies an image of your desk... Read More »