What is the definition of a salvaged vehicle?

Answer As one person's tragedy is another's opportunity, so might salvage-titled cars be some of the best deals on the planet. Though some of these vehicles are in fact damaged beyond repair, many are si... Read More »

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Can a salvaged vehicle be registered?

On One Hand: In Most Cases It Can.Each state has its own rules and regulations pertaining to titling and registering a salvaged vehicle. The majority of states do allow the car to be registered as ... Read More »

Can you title a salvaged vehicle in Virginia?

It is possible to get a title for salvaged vehicles in Virginia. However, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a special DMV agent must conduct an anti-theft examination first. This... Read More »

Where or how can you find the Insurance Adjuster's Report for a salvaged car bought from a salvaged car auction if they didnt supply it?

Definition of Motor Vehicle Insurance?

State laws require all owners and drivers of vehicles to purchase motor vehicle insurance. The insurance purchaser contracts with a company that sells him a policy, and, according to Entrepreneur.c... Read More »