What is the definition of a rubber stopper?

Answer A stopper is a device used to block or close an opening. A rubber stopper is a stopper made from rubber and is most commonly used in science for test tubes and flasks.Source:Stopper Defintion

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What is a grid stopper?

A grid stopper is a resistor, which is connected in a series within a tube's grid. It is usually found on the pin of the tube and is used to stop unwanted oscillations from occurring within the tub... Read More »

What Are the Parts of a Vial Stopper?

Vial stoppers are the small plugs that are put in the ends of glass vials to keep the contents from falling out and to keep anything else from getting in. While technically all one piece, there are... Read More »

What are some tips to becoming a good stopper in soccer?

Answer you need 4 steps quick 2.think like your the forward 3.think before you defend positive you're gonna get the ballYou need endurance, getting back to cover your defense is also impo... Read More »

Can you glue rubber to rubber cement?

You cannot glue rubber to rubber cement, however, you can use rubber cement to glue rubber to another object. Apply a thin coat of rubber cement to both surfaces that you want to glue together. All... Read More »