What is the definition of a reverse mortgage?

Answer A traditional mortgage is one in which a bank or other lender purchases your home on your behalf and you pay them back over a period of time. As you pay back the loan, you increase the home equity ... Read More »

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Definition of New York Reverse Mortgage Inspections?

In New York, elderly citizens sometimes take out reverse mortgages to supplement their retirement income. These individuals, in seeking to take out a reverse mortgage, must sometimes submit to a ho... Read More »

Can you have a second mortgage included with a reverse mortgage?

A borrower who is 62 or older can purchase a reverse mortgage to pay off any and all debt on their primary residence, including a first and second mortgage debt.SignificanceA reverse mortgage pays ... Read More »

How do i add a second name to a reverse mortgage?

EligibilityDetermine the second person's eligibility before starting the process to add him to the reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a federal program, and like all federal programs there are... Read More »

How much can one get on a reverse mortgage?

The amount of the reverse mortgage is based upon the borrower's age and the equity in the home. A 75-year-old homeowner might receive up to 65 percent of their equity in a reverse mortgage, while a... Read More »