What is the definition of a renewable resource?

Answer Merriam-Webster Online defines a renewable resource as a useful thing replaceable naturally over time via ecological cycles or sensible management.EtymologyThe term "renewable" comes from the prefi... Read More »

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Is biological diversity a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Biodiversity measures the level of variation or "richness" of an ecosystem, either in terms of the genetic variation within a population (such as a population of killer wales) or the number of diff... Read More »

Is water a renewable or non-renewable natural resource?

Water is considered a renewable resource because it is an energy source that can be reused. The use of water as a renewable resource is called "hydropower," and it is one of the five renewable reso... Read More »

Is oxygen a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Oxygen is a renewable resource because its supplies are continually replenished through the process of plant respiration, which takes in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen. Humans and other animal... Read More »

Is soil a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Technically, you can replenish soil given enough time, but some actions, such as overgrazing, can damage the soil to the point where it does not recover, according to ECO PROS. Thus, it is effectiv... Read More »