What is the definition of a refractometer?

Answer A refractometer is a device used in a laboratory to measure refraction, the amount of change, or bending, light incurs while changing directions. The change occurs when light travels through liquid... Read More »

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The Uses of a Refractometer?

Refractometers measure the refractive index of liquids, solids or gases through which light can pass. A light ray changes direction, or bends, when it enters a material in which the velocity of lig... Read More »

What does a refractometer measure?

A refractometer measures the angle of refraction, or the degree to which light is bent by a liquid solution, which depends on its concentration. The angle of refraction is then compared to standard... Read More »

Application of a Refractometer?

A refractometer is a device that measures the bending of light as it passes through a substance. This quantification is expressed as the refractive index of the material with the symbol "n." It's e... Read More »

How does a refractometer measure salinity?

A refractometer actually measures the refractive index of a liquid, which is the ratio of the speed of light through the material to the speed of light in a vacuum. As salinity increases, the speed... Read More »