What do you think of this setlist for a rave party?

Answer cool :)

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How to Dress for a Rave Party?

I hear that you're going to one of those rave parties and you don't know what to wear. I guess it's a good thing I'm here then. Read this and then call a friend over because it's more fun to get dr... Read More »

How to Host a Rave Party?

Ever see a music video where everyone is in the club dancing in sync while the DJ is playing some bass heavy techno and lights are flashing so fast everything is in slow motion? No? Well here's how... Read More »

Rave pool party ideas!?

Yeah, sure you'll be serving alcohol and drugs, and of course money is no object, you aren't the one who's money it is.You can ask a henna artist to work in the dark, we need good light to see what... Read More »

Whats a "Rave dress theme" at a party?

Neon!!!! Tons of it, and white clothing is typical with raves because it glows in black light. Also beads, like the kind you used to make bracelets with as a kid. Glow sticks and going with the r... Read More »