What is the definition of a raised garden bed?

Answer Raised garden beds are garden beds or plots that are raised from the ground by means of a containment system such as a wooden frame. They are popular gardening devices or designs that simplify many... Read More »

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How deep should a raised bed garden be?

The depth of a raised bed garden depends on the crops the gardener wants to grow. Most plants need 6 to 12 inches to properly form roots. Root crops, like carrots and potatoes, need 18 to 24 inches... Read More »

How Much Can You Grow in a 4' by 4' Raised Garden?

Growing your own food is possible even if you have limited space. With a method called "square-foot gardening," you can grow many plants in a small space. With this method, one 4- by 4-foot plot ... Read More »

How do I create a raised garden?

ConstructionAttach four untreated wood boards at right angles to one another at their edges with wood screws or metal brackets, creating a large, bottomless box. Use four pieces of wood that are ea... Read More »

How do I plan a raised garden?

Plant ChoicesDetermine what plants to grow, whether its fruits, vegetables or flowers, in the raised beds. Put plants that carry similar diseases or are attacked by similar pests in different group... Read More »