What is the definition of a pressure point?

Answer As defined by traditional Chinese medicine, "pressure points," or acupressure points, are areas of concentrated energy in the body. Pressing them with intention can stimulate physical, mental, and ... Read More »

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What is the freezing point of methanol under pressure?

The freezing point of methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, under atmospheric pressure is -137ËšF (-93.9ËšC). Methanol is a very hygroscopic colorless alcohol that burns with a non-luminous flame... Read More »

Pressure on lower trigger point of the Rhomboid muscle, what do you know about it?

Yeah, my rhomboid area got messed up a few years ago, I use to ski alot am a surfer and a sailor. Ice and massages helped, took about 6 or 7 weeks for it to heal. It never really healed, but it is... Read More »

What effect does the atmospheric pressure have on the boiling point of a liquid?

Boiling point is directly proportional to atmospheric pressure. As atmospheric pressure increases, boiling point increases. As atmospheric pressure decreases, boiling point decreases. At higher alt... Read More »

What is the definition of freezing point?

The freezing point of a substance is the temperature at which the substance undergoes a phase change from liquid to solid. The temperature at which a phase change from solid to liquid occurs is kno... Read More »