What is the definition of a press camera?

Answer Loose definition: a press camera is any camera used by the press. In the old days, a "press camera" was a camera that took 4x5 film and could be used handheld. The Speed Graphic was the archetypal ... Read More »

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What is the definition of bench top drill press?

Answer A stationary drill with a platform to hold the piece to be drilled and a hand crank to lower the drill bit down to said piece that sits on top of a work bench. A floor mount drill press sta... Read More »

Which buttons do we press in order to take a fast speed shot on the camera?

What camera exactly?If you have a simple point-and-shoot (PNS) camera, you can set ISO up to 400 then press the shutter release button to take the shot. If that's not fast enough, set ISO higher. B... Read More »

What is a definition of non digital camera?

I would say it is an 'analogue' camera - where the visual information is captured by exposing a film to light, rather than as bits of data on a card, converted from visual information by software.

What is the definition of a camera lens?

A camera lens is a curved piece of transparent glass or plastic that puts focus on an image in a camera. A camera lens takes the beams of light from an object and forms them into a real image.Sourc... Read More »