What is the definition of a one-night stand?

Answer A one-night stand is a colloquialism used to describe a first date that ends in a sexual encounter, which is not followed by a second date. In theory, one literally never sees the partner in a one-... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a One Night Stand?

One night stands definitely serve a purpose but when you are ready for them to go, here are some creative tips to get them moving.

How to Ask a Co Worker for a One Night Stand?

Asking a co-worker for a one night stand will usually require the assistance of alcohol, in a dark bar during Friday night drinks!

How to Ask a Boss for a One Night Stand?

So your super hot boss is looking for a new VP and you think you might be up for the job. You know that he's single, your age, and ready for an incredible time. So here's how to get him out of the ... Read More »

How to Deal With a One Night Stand?

For the rare occasions when your beer goggles score and leave you in the dark.