What is the definition of a net shot in badminton?

Answer A net shot in badminton occurs when a player who is near the net attempts to hit the shuttle back to his opponent's net area. The tumbling action of a well-executed net shot makes it difficult to r... Read More »

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How to Hit a Net Shot in Badminton?

Indonesian Player Taufik Hidayat doing a Net DropWhen the birdie (shuttlecock) comes right over the net, this shot can very effective against an opponent who might have already backed up to base po... Read More »

How to Play Badminton Better?

Badminton is an enjoyable sport. With the proper attitude and the right equipment, you can defeat your opponent.

How to Draw a 3-D Badminton Net?

A 3-D badminton net can be drawn using the basic rules of perspective. Perspective uses diagonal lines to simulate the way we see depth in objects, using diagonal lines that are parallel to render ... Read More »

How to Play Badminton?

Shuttlecock used for playingBadminton is a fast paced racquet game. It's similar to tennis! Well, after you practice enough, you'll get the idea of how to play it. Follow these steps and you'll kno... Read More »