What are some nerd websites?

Answer is my favorite, full of amazing cool sciencey and fun things.

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What kind of nerd tattoos are best?

binary codes. :)) i know you got the idea from that bad *** guy who got this fiendish triforce tattoo from the game zelda.the phantom hourglass is the best. :)

What would happen if you put a nerd in your ear?

Never allow. The dirt can infect your ear.

Am i a nerd?

i'd say no your not i dont believe in the word nerd it's stupid we are all unique in our quirky ways.sounds to mean you just have your head screwed on right! Good on ya mate

How to Be A Nerd?

Most people use the word nerd to make fun of themselves or others. If you want to learn how to be a nerd the steps below will help you accomplish your goal. If you don't want to be a nerd, or you... Read More »