Surely this is a myth?

Answer Of course its a myth. I don't believe in magic or alternative therapies, only in things that are science based. On the down side, it might be nice to believe in such things.

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What is the myth behind the Big Dipper?

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Boob myth?

Hi,This is not true. The exact reason for the breast cancer is not known. There are certain factors that do not cause cancers by themselves, but make a person more at risk for the development of c... Read More »

How to Refute a Myth?

People believe the strangest things. Sometimes it is difficult to show someone the truth, especially if they have taken a peculiar liking to a one-sided tale. Here are a few tips to help get you st... Read More »

Myth or True?

Web Md, which is a pretty reliable source says that it has not been proven to cause alzheimers and dementia.…