What is the definition of a mouse pointer?

Answer A mouse pointer is the arrow visible on the computer screen that can be manipulated over areas to select items. It is typically moved through a connection with the computer mouse or through a finge... Read More »

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Mouse pointer moving on its own when on the mouse pad?

Remove the back cover and clean the rollers where the ball sits. I use cotton tips with alcohol. If its really dirty, you may have to scrape the built up kunk.

What is a mouse pointer?

A mouse pointer is the actual cursor that the computer user will see on the computer screen. The mouse pointer can change into a variety of shapes as an indication of the computer's current action.... Read More »

What is the center of the mouse pointer in Adobe Photoshop called?

Users can resize painting cursors in Adobe Photoshop to reflect the size of their brush tip. With caps lock on, the cursor becomes a "crosshair" that precisely marks the cursor's center. For non-pa... Read More »

What does the magnifying mouse pointer allow you to do in Word 2007?

In the 2007 version of Microsoft Word, the magnifying glass cursor allows you to toggle back and forth between 100% zoom and "Fit Page" zoom. You can access this feature by checking the "Magnifier"... Read More »