What is the definition of a modular home?

Answer Modular homes are pre-built, ready-to-assemble on-site homes that are springing up all over America. They are manufactured in assembly-line fashion in factories. Once the separate components have b... Read More »

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What is the definition of a modular home in Illinois?

Modular homes are sometimes confused with mobile homes. Although both types of housing are manufactured off-site, many differences exist. Aesthetically, there is no difference between a modular hom... Read More »

What Is a Modular Mobile Home?

Although people often confuse modular homes with mobile homes, the two are very different types of houses. There is no such thing as a "modular mobile home," although some manufacturers build and s... Read More »

What is the average price of a modular home?

A modular home is not a trailer; it looks like a regular house. The difference is that a modular home isn't built "on-site." It's a house built in an environmentally protected building center then ... Read More »

What is the average price of a 400-square-foot modular home?

Modular home prices depend on a variety of factors. Average prices for modular homes are around $115 per square foot. At that price, a 400-square-foot modular home would cost $46,000.References:F... Read More »