What is the definition of a micro switch?

Answer A micro switch, more commonly written as one word, microswitch, is a small device that's used in mechanical devices, usually to switch from on to off and back again, and is sensitive enough to acti... Read More »

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How to Repair a PS2 Micro Switch?

The Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) has a microswitch that turns the power for the video game console on and off. A defective connection on the microswitch renders the PS2 unusable and must be repaired if... Read More »

What is the definition of a limit switch?

According to McGraw-Hill's Access Engineering dictionary, a limited switch is "a switch designed to cut off power automatically at or near the limit of travel of a moving object controlled by elect... Read More »

What is the definition of a pump pressure switch?

A pump pressure switch is a tiny device activated by a change in pressure. More specifically, the switch works in a pneumatic or hydraulic system and can either act as a safety mechanism or functio... Read More »

A network administrator enters the enable command at the Switch prompt of a new switch. What mode will the switch enter?

Privileged mode (will turn into a # sign after the router name instead of the > sign it has upon startup.