What is the definition of a medical school transcript?

Answer A medical school transcript is a record of a student's medical education. Transcripts are compiled and maintained by medical schools and contain information about the school, the student's attendan... Read More »

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How do you find out about a transcript from a school that has closed down and city how don't have transcript?

If it was a chain, you can contact the company that owns the school. It should be on your paperwork/degree/certificate. If you still can't find it, contact another branch and ask them for the pho... Read More »

What is a certified high school transcript?

A certified high school transcript is issued directly from the school. It will be stamped with the date of the request and signed by a school official. Some schools also apply a raised school seal ... Read More »

What does N mean on a high school transcript?

High school transcripts have two lettering systems. The traditional letter system with grades A through F rings a bell for most people. However, other letters like E, O and N may appear as well. Th... Read More »

What Extracurricular Activities Look Best on a Home School Student's Transcript?

According to Bridgeway Homeschool Academy, both volunteer and extracurricular activities make students more marketable to colleges and "strengthen your home school student's college applications." ... Read More »