What is the definition of a media storage device?

Answer A media storage device is a device that holds computer data. The storage devices come in two forms--primary storage devices and secondary storage devices. Primary storage devices hold data for shor... Read More »

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What is a miniature mobile storage media device?

A miniature mobile storage media device is a storage device primarily used with hand-held computers or digital cameras. Common types of miniature mobile storage devices are smart cards, USB flash d... Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Files from a PC or Media Storage Device?

When important files are accidentally deleted from your PC or other media storage device, such as an external hard drive, you may think that all hope is lost, but with data recovery software there ... Read More »

Why does a USB mass storage device iPod not have a driver installed and is registered as a different type of USB device?

Answer windows does not need to know the device name if it shows the device as a mass storage device.

Can i use a USB storage device as bootable device........?

Check your BIOS to see if it supports booting from a USB drive. Given that your PC is pretty old, though, you're probably out of luck.