Lush Hairstyles?

Answer If you want a lush hairstyle for a dinner party or a night on the town, look to your favorite celebrities for inspiration. While many celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Miley Cyrus have a glam squ... Read More »

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Lush Landscaping?

Lush landscaping requires careful thought and planning by the designer. Creating a lush landscape scheme involves knowing the conditions of your region and designing plantings suitable to the tempe... Read More »

How to Get Lush Lips?

Luscious lips can be easily achieved with a little bit of effort. There are quite a few things you can use from home to achieve that perfect pout.

Should i buy LUSH mascara?

FleurdeForce did a review on her blog of the new Lush beauty line. Here is a link to her website and the review:…In a nut shell she says the mascara is not... Read More »

Are Lush bath bombs bad for you?

Well, everything you bathe with goes in your skin lol your skin is the biggest organ on your body if you never knew. They aren't bad for you neither are they good for you.It is better than most stu... Read More »