What is the definition of a legal separation?

Answer A legal separation is a court order or, sometimes, just a legally filed written agreement that allows a couple that may become divorced to live separately while still acknowledging that the couple ... Read More »

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What is a legal separation?

"Separation" means a married couple are currently living apart. "Legal separation" means they're doing so under a legal agreement spelling out how they manage their finances, child custody and whic... Read More »

Legal Separation in New Zealand?

New Zealand allows married couples or civil union partners the option to enter into a legal separation when they no longer wish to live together as husband and wife or as civil union partners.

Is separation legal in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not recognize separation as a legal state of marriage, such as widowhood or divorce. But if you have an attorney draw up a settlement agreement regarding issues of property, suppo... Read More »

What is a legal separation in Georgia?

A legal separation in Georgia is similar to a divorce, but it does not end the marriage. Spouses who are legally separated may not remarry. The procedure results in a court order that defines the p... Read More »