What is the definition of a hybrid car?

Answer Hybrid technology is proving itself as a viable means of fuel efficiency, low emissions and good performance. The "2010 Fuel Economy Guide" offers fuel cost based on each vehicle's mpg rating; hybr... Read More »

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Hybrid Wolves Definition?

Wolf hybrids result when wolves interbreed with other species of canines (usually dogs or coyotes). Wolves are sometimes crossed with domestic dogs to produce hybrid wolf-dogs. Wolves and domestic ... Read More »

Definition of Hybrid System?

A hybrid system is a vehicle powertrain that relies on two distinct power sources to propel the vehicle. These power sources are typically a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine combined wit... Read More »

Definition of Hybrid Class?

As colleges and universities grow, educators seek alternatives to traditional face-to-face courses. Hybrid courses are one such option.

Why are hybrid cars called hybrid?

Society continues to demand energy alternatives as resources deplete and pollution increases. Hybrid vehicles are one of the many green alternatives available on the market.DefinitionHybrid, by def... Read More »