What is the definition of a handheld computer?

Answer A handheld computer is a computer that is small and lightweight enough to be held in one hand. Users interact with the computer through the use of a small keyboard or by writing on the screen with... Read More »

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What is a handheld computer?

Handheld computers, also referred to as PDAs (personal digital assistants), appeared on the market in the 1990s. Many people carry a smartphone featuring a handheld computer and consider it a neces... Read More »

What is a pda handheld computer?

In the early 2000s, walking around with a palm-sized computer and tapping at it with a stylus was a status symbol. It meant the holder was someone important, with important meetings to keep with im... Read More »

Who invented the handheld computer?

Jeff Hawkins invented the handheld computer. Hawkins was also the co-founder of Palm Computing, where the Palm Pilot was created. The original Palm Pilot 1000 was the first personal device assistan... Read More »

Who made the first handheld computer?

The first handheld computer was developed by Radio Shack. It was called the TRS-80 Pocket Computer and weighed 170g. Radio Shack went on to produce other models of the TRS-80, from 1980 to 1985.Sou... Read More »