I have a bad habit....NEED HELP!!!?

Answer Since you're a guy and probably wish not to appear with nail polish on your hands, i suggest something simple... put skin lotion on them. rub it in well. As well as hydrating, you'll hate the taste... Read More »

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VERY bad please!?

I've been a nurse on a Chemical Dependency Unit for 33 and if I had a nickel for every time I've heard "But-I'm not addicted" I could retire to Hawaii. First question I'd like to ask is -where do y... Read More »

I've got a really bad habit, please help!?

Sounds like your suffering from anxiety. Make an appointment to see a psychologist and see what he or she recommends.

Bad habit... :/?

if you have a sudden erge before you want to crack your knuckles slap a rubber band on your wrist and than after awile you start getting tired of it..also you should crack your knukles it causes ar... Read More »

What is one bad habit you would like to stop?

I have many bad habits I would like to stop, but since the question only asks for one, I think I will choose gossip. It seems like everyone gossips, like it's a normal, healthy part of social inte... Read More »