What is the definition of a geode?

Answer Geodes refer to round rock formations that have a hollow, crystal-lined cavity. Geodes that are not hollow are called nodules. The word "geode" comes from the Greek "Geoides," which translates to "... Read More »

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What classification of rock is a geode?

Geodes can be either sedimentary or igneous. Igneous geodes form in a cavity in a lava flow. The cooling lava hardens into a shell in which crystals form. Sedimentary geodes form underwater, where ... Read More »

What kind of rock is a geode?

A geode can be either igneous or sedimentary in nature, depending on its origins. An igneous geode begins when a bubble forms in volcanic rock, while a sedimentary geode occurs when sediment covers... Read More »

What is the largest geode found?

The largest geode ever found is the Almeria Geode, discovered in an old silver mine in Almeria, Spain, in 2000. The geode--26 feet long and 6 feet wide--is packed with gypsum prisms. Javier Garcia-... Read More »

What is the biggest geode in the world?

The largest geode in the world is the Almeria Geode in northeastern Spain. Discovered in 1999, the Almeria Geode is 8 m long and 2 m high. It is large enough that 10 people could sit together ins... Read More »