What is the definition of a function table in math?

Answer Function tables represent pairs of numbers that follow a certain rule, or function. Functions are often expressed as equations that include two variables, as in x+3=y. A function table for x+3=y wo... Read More »

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What is the definition of primary function?

A primary function is an item's first or intended purpose. For instance, protein has a primary function in the human body, and a computer program has a primary function in its programmed use. "Triz... Read More »

Math Function Games?

Students can learn and memorize math functions when you turn the lesson into a game. Game play is an effective and stimulating way to involve students and teach the math facts students need to know... Read More »

How to Make a Function in Math?

Functions are mathematical relations. There is a mathematical notion called a set, which you can think of as a collection or list. An element of a set is anything contained in the set. For example,... Read More »

How to Find the Range of a Function in Math?

The range of a function is the range of numbers which the function can produce.