What is the definition of a flowering plant?

Answer Flowering plants are also known by their plant group name anthophyta or angiosperm. This group of plants is split into two groups called monocots and dicots. The flowering plant is defined by a cl... Read More »

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How do i plant the flowering plant called heather?

Planting HeatherRemove rocks and weeds from the garden. Cover the area with one inch of aged manure or peat moss and mix it into the soil with a tiller or shovel. Dig a hole large enough to accommo... Read More »

Is cotton a flowering plant?

The white cotton fiber which is collected and used to make fabric surrounds small cotton seeds. The fibers form when the flower is pollinated. A single pound of cotton may contain 100 million or mo... Read More »

Is bamboo a flowering plant?

Bamboo plants do flower. However, it is rare. Flowering may take place every several years, or 120 years may transpire between blooming occasions. There is an event known as "mass flowering," when ... Read More »

What flowering vine should I plant?

Of those, clematis. Sweet peas like cool weather and are short lived. Honeysuckle is invasive. Silver lace vine and scarlet runner beans would be good.silver lace vine(very fragrant):http://imag... Read More »