What is the definition of a doctorate degree?

Answer In most countries, a doctorate degree represents the highest level of academic study and achievement in a chosen field. In addition, a doctorate signifies qualification to practice in certain profe... Read More »

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What is a juris doctorate degree?

A juris doctorate (JD) is the technical term for a professional law degree obtained at an accredited university after several years of study. A JD enables an individual to pursue a career in the le... Read More »

What is an honorary doctorate degree?

An honorary doctorate degree is awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves in some field but did not earn the degree through direct study at the university.HistoryThe awarding of hono... Read More »

What type of degree is a juris doctorate?

A Juris Doctor (also known as a J.D. or Doctor of Jurisprudence) is a graduate degree in law, required by most states as a prerequisite to sit for their bar exams.HistoryThe J.D. degree originally ... Read More »

What can you do with a doctorate nursing degree?

Doctorate degrees in nursing fall within two categories: practice-focused and research-focused. The work the nurse will do greatly depends upon which type of doctoral program is completed.Significa... Read More »