What is the definition of a convicted felon?

Answer A felon is a person who is found guilty of a crime that constitutes a felony. The conviction brings about punishments that include imprisonment for more than a year, a fine, or the loss of the indi... Read More »

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How do i find out what a convicted felon was convicted of?

State RecordsDetermine the state in which the criminal conviction occurred. Gather the subject's name, including middle initial, and date of birth to ensure you have identified the correct subject.... Read More »

What does a convicted felon mean?

The term “convicted felon” refers to a person who has been tried and found guilty of a serious crime, such as assault, sexual assault, burglary, arson or murder. Felonies are more severe than m... Read More »

How to Find out if Someone Is a Convicted Felon?

Whether you are hiring someone for a job or need to find out about him or her for personal reasons, a criminal background check is an important investment of your time or money. You can find out i... Read More »

Can a convicted felon become an attorney?

Convicted felons can become lawyers but it's difficult because every state bar has an "ethical and moral judgment clause" that tests whether applicants are of strong moral character. All applicants... Read More »