What is the definition of a contour map?

Answer A contour map is a one-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional area. Contour maps include lines that overlay a general map. These lines indicate elevation from sea level. The closer the c... Read More »

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What is a contour map?

According to, a contour map is a type of topographic map where the surface of the land is depicted by contour lines. These lines help readers determine and understand slope and eleva... Read More »

What is Contour on a Bass Amp?

Bass guitar players have greater control of the tone via the onboard controls featured on their amps. One such control, the contour, allows the bassist to shape the tonal properties of their signal... Read More »

What is the contour interval on a map?

The contour interval is the elevation distance between two contour lines on a topographic map. A contour interval of 20 meters, then, indicates that there is a difference in elevation of 20 meters ... Read More »

What is an index contour?

On a topographic map, index contours are represented by solid dark brown lines usually labeled with their elevation values and allow the elevation of other contour lines to be easily referenced.Top... Read More »