What is the definition of a cash note?

Answer A cash flow note is an official document between a borrower and lender that details the amount of money borrowed, interest rate, terms and length of time that the loan must be paid.FunctionA cash n... Read More »

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What is a cash flow note?

Cash flow notes are legally binding contracts between two people where one person is purchasing an item from the other and agrees to pay installment payments over a fixed period of time to the othe... Read More »

How to Discount a Cash Flow Note?

Buying notes from owners who previously sold property by offering seller financing can be a very profitable venture. Note buyers typically buy the remaining payments due at a discount. By so doing ... Read More »

Debit Note Definition?

Businesses create a wide variety of documents that represent physical transactions. Debit notes are an example of an accounting document that presents information regarding a previous transaction.

Definition of Open-Ended Promissory Note?

An open-ended promissory note, also known as a revolving note, is a type of loan that functions more like a credit card than other types of loans in which the borrower receives a single lump sum.