What is the definition of a case speaker?

Answer A case speaker, or internal speaker, is small speaker inside your computer that produces only beeping or other monotone noises. It connects directly to the motherboard of the computer and its purpo... Read More »

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What Is the Definition of a Speaker?

The speaker is one of the most important parts of an audio system. As the final link in the audio chain the speaker has a very important role in determining the quality of sound that we hear.

What is the definition of a 2-way speaker?

A two-way speaker, also known as a coaxial speaker, is an electronic device that reproduces a sound's frequency ranges. The speaker consists of two parts: the woofer, which reproduces low frequenci... Read More »

Definition of Case Brief?

Case briefs are documents that present the legal facts and rulings of past cases conducted through an appellate court. These are different from appellate briefs, which are documents that attorneys ... Read More »

Definition of inducer in case of fermentation?

The majority of the enzymes used in industrial fermentation are inducible and are synthesized in response of inducers: e.g. starch for amylases, maltose for pollulanase, pectin for pectinase,olive ... Read More »