What is the definition of a car strut?

Answer The typical front-wheel-drive car combines shock absorbers and struts. While shocks work to make the ride more comfortable by controlling bounce, struts react to movement in the suspension in order... Read More »

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How to Do a Strut Inspection When Replacing the Strut Mounts on a Car?

Inspecting your strut mounts when completing a repair or replacement on the strut mount system is extremely important. This will show you any excessive corrosion, cracking or other potential proble... Read More »

What Is a Strut?

Some rear-drive vehicles and most of the front-drive vehicles have struts, a major structural suspension part, according to the Monroe Shocks & Struts website. In conventional suspensions the strut... Read More »

How to Use a Strut Compressor?

While automobile struts perform essentially the same functions as shock absorbers, they also provide the structural support for the vehicle by holding the suspension springs in place. When changing... Read More »

DIY: BMW E36 Front Strut?

Replacing the struts in your E36 3-Series BMW is a handy procedure to know if your suspension components are worn and you want to save some money. Performing the replacement yourself can be more ec... Read More »