What is the definition of a car strut?

Answer The typical front-wheel-drive car combines shock absorbers and struts. While shocks work to make the ride more comfortable by controlling bounce, struts react to movement in the suspension in order... Read More »

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How to Do a Strut Inspection When Replacing the Strut Mounts on a Car?

Inspecting your strut mounts when completing a repair or replacement on the strut mount system is extremely important. This will show you any excessive corrosion, cracking or other potential proble... Read More »

What Is a Strut?

Some rear-drive vehicles and most of the front-drive vehicles have struts, a major structural suspension part, according to the Monroe Shocks & Struts website. In conventional suspensions the strut... Read More »

What do strut bars do?

There are many upgrades that can be performed on a vehicle's chassis and suspension, including stiffer springs, performance shocks and larger anti-roll bars. Strut braces are another popular suspen... Read More »

What Is a Strut Tower Bar?

When it comes to improving the handling of a particular vehicle, there are many different ways to approach the problem. If you want to reduce body roll when driving the vehicle quickly around a cor... Read More »