What is the definition of a cappella?

Answer The Italian phrase a cappella is perhaps the most misunderstood musical phrase. Not only are there a few variations on the spelling, there are differing takes on the definition.Common DefinitionA c... Read More »

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What is a cappella?

To sing "a cappella" means to sing without instrumentation. A cappella music may refer to singing that is unaccompanied or to music that is purely vocal (such as beatboxing.) A cappella singing i... Read More »

What is the meaning of a cappella?

The phrase "a cappella" was originally used to describe vocal music, written for unaccompanied chorus. This largely involved singing without additional instrumentation, or with instruments used for... Read More »

What is"a cappella"singing?

Singing "a cappella" is singing without accompaniment from musical instruments, according to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. While the term was originally applied to choral music, it now encom... Read More »

What does"a cappella"mean in Renaissance music?

"A cappella" literally means "in the style of the chapel," and indicates music without instrumental accompaniment. During the Renaissance, choral music was much more popular than instrumental music... Read More »