What is the definition of a big block engine?

Answer Prior to the enforcement of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, American car manufacturers produced engines measured by cubic inches rather than by liters. Each manufacturer created a ... Read More »

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Short Block vs. Long Block Car Engine?

If you are thinking about replacing your car's engine or upgrading your car's engine for performance purposes, knowledge of the types of engine block assemblies available will be valuable. Among ot... Read More »

What is an engine block?

Engine blocks form the structural foundation of your motor. These heavy metal lumps must withstand hundreds of degrees in temperature, thousands of PSI in pressure, and millions of heat cycles whi... Read More »

How to Identify the MGB Engine Block?

The Morris Garage Model B -- or MGB --was introduced in 1962 and continued until 1980. It was a classic, affordable British sports car. The MGB was equipped with a 1,798 cubic-centimeter, inline-fo... Read More »

What is a short block engine?

When you replace your car's engine, what other related parts do you need to replace? "Short block" is an automotive term that refers to the level of "completeness" of the kit of new parts supplied ... Read More »