What is the bastard law?

Answer the one that banned smoking in pubs. That law was a right bastard

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How to Make a Suffering Bastard?

The Suffering Bastard was created by Joe Scialom at the Shepherd's Hotel in Cairo in the early 20th century. It's a refreshing, long drink that's excellent during hot weather. Careful, though: it's... Read More »

Where can you watch bastard out of Carolina online for free?

Where can I watch ''Bastard out of Carolina''tv shows for free?

What is a definition of hurting a child?

if the child is in pain then that is hurting a child, ex.: smacking, hitting, punching emotionaly ruining themect.

What is the definition of Child Abuse?

child abuse is when an innocent child is being physically and mentally abuse.Physically or mentally making a child take on more responsibility than they are capable of.