What is the definition of a bankruptcy dismissal?

Answer If your bankruptcy is pending, you may have reached a juncture at which you are reconsidering your case. You may be interested in obtaining a bankruptcy dismissal. In the alternative, the court its... Read More »

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What does dismissal hearing for bankruptcy mean?

If you’re called to a dismissal hearing, this usually means that either you made a mistake on your paperwork or a creditor alleges you hid assets or falsified application information to obtain c... Read More »

How Often Can I File Bankruptcy After a Dismissal?

If your gross monthly income is less than the median income level in your state of residence and you cannot afford to pay at least $100 in monthly payments, you can file for bankruptcy under a debt... Read More »

Credit Cards & Bankruptcy Dismissal?

Credit cards are easy to acquire if you are over the age of 18. A potential debtor is allotted a credit card limit, usually beginning at $500, that they may spend on credit, then repay that extende... Read More »

Can I file an appeal of a bankruptcy dismissal?

According to Mortgage Fit, you can appeal a dismissal of your bankruptcy case. After a dismissal, most people may refile immediately unless the case was dismissed for being fraudulent or you didn't... Read More »