How to Act Like Glen from Accepted?

Answer Accepted is a popular comedy about some not so college bound kids, one of which is named Glen. So, doing the exact OPPOSITE of what a normal person would do, they invents his own. If you'd like to ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Glen?

Glen is a unisex name of Irish and Gaelic origins and is also a place name referring to a narrow valley located between hills, known as a "glen." The name has 13 variants, including Gleann, Glendal... Read More »

What is the origin of the last name Glen?

The locational surname Glen derives from places named Glen found either in Peeblesshire, Scotland, or Leicestershire, England. The Scottish name Glen comes from the Old Gaelic “gleann” (valley)... Read More »

When was Glen Scrimshaw born?

Glen Scrimshaw is a painter who was born in 1959 in Big River, Saskatchewan. One of his paintings is "The Road of Life" and it is based on a song by Elaine Boskill.Source:Painting, Sculpture, Dr... Read More »

In what river is the Glen Canyon Dam?

The 710-foot-high Glen Canyon Dam is located on the Colorado River in northern Arizona. The dam helps form Lake Powell. The lake can hold more than 24 million acre-feet of water, making it the seco... Read More »