What is the definition of a BNC connector?

Answer A BNC (Bayonet Nut Coupling or Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connector is a plug used to connect various types of coaxial cables on video, audio and networking applications in order to provide a tighter... Read More »

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Can you plug a 1394 connector into a USB connector on a motherboard?

Although the motherboard connector for an IEEE 1394 header can look the same as a USB header, the two are not compatible. If you need to use a Firewire (IEEE 1394) device with a USB port, adapters ... Read More »

What is a DB25 male connector to a USB connector?

A USB to male DB25 adapter connects serial, or RS-232c, devices to the USB port. These adapters are frequently used to connect external modems to computers which lack a serial port.References:U.S.... Read More »

Is a VGA connector compatible with an LCD connector?

A VGA connection is only supported by LCD monitors with a VGA input. Even if your monitor does not include a VGA input, there are various adapters (VGA to DVI, for example) available if you insist ... Read More »

What is a D-sub connector?

Delta subminiatures (D-subs) are electrical connectors used with recording equipment, printers and digital video equipment. The D-sub connectors come in various sizes: DA, DB, DC, DD and DE. D-sub ... Read More »