What is the definition of a BA degree?

Answer A college degree is a ticket to a productive career. There are a variety of degree types, depending on the program you choose. A B.A. degree is one of these degree types.B.A."B.A." stands for Bache... Read More »

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What is the definition of a bachelor's degree?

In the educational system of the West, students are generally required by law to receive either a public or private education, up until a certain age. Afterward, they may choose to attend a college... Read More »

What is the definition of a doctorate degree?

In most countries, a doctorate degree represents the highest level of academic study and achievement in a chosen field. In addition, a doctorate signifies qualification to practice in certain profe... Read More »

Definition of AAS Degree?

Community colleges and some universities across the United States enable students to complete a course of study that prepares them for an occupational field of interest in only two years. The Assoc... Read More »

Associate of Arts Degree Definition?

An associate of arts degree is the lowest degree awarded by an educational institution. A student receives an associate of arts degree after completing a program of study similar to the first two y... Read More »