Is it possible too connect a computer without wifi too one with wifi too get wifi?

Answer my answer is yes here is how I will have to assume a few things since you question is a bit vague ( aka you don't say the comp's you are using for this are 2 laptops, 1 desktop- 1 laptop or 1 de... Read More »

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My wifi on my laptop keeps losing its wifi and it wont let me log on to any of the networks what do i do?

Need help with my iPad. So I got the WiFi plus 3g iPad. Then 3 days later someone cut r WiFi cord.I never got a chance 2 put my iPad 2 use the 3g.and I need WiFi 2 b able 2 do tat. Is there another wa?

Go to Best buy and get another wifi cord for like 40$ not that much money

What is the use of WiFi in a mobile what exactly does WiFi do ?

It allows you to use wireless internet on your phone, which is usually faster than using the phone network for data and web surfing. It may also allow you to use the internet and talk on the phone ... Read More »

What is better ipad 2 wifi 32gb or htc flyer 7 inch 32gb 3g wifi android tablet network?

That will depend upon the country you live in, the data plan you want, the provider in your area that services the iPad and the memory capacity of the iPad you want.