What is the Janome low shank sewing machine?

Answer The sewing machine company Janome makes low-shank, high-shank and snap-on machine models. The presser feet attach to a sewing machine either by snapping on or by being screwed on. While many newer ... Read More »

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What is the steel shank in a work boot?

A boot built with a steel shank has a thin piece of steel built in between the insole--the part that touches the foot, and the outsole--the part of the boot that touches the ground. It is shaped as... Read More »

What is the name of the bigger shank bone by the knee?

The tibia is the larger of two shank bones located in the leg, directly below the knee. It is the second-largest bone in the human body, and can be found next to the calf bone (fibula). The functio... Read More »

How to Cook a Ham Shank?

Ham shank is the lower half of the rear leg of a hog. It contains a portion of the femur bone and the hip joint. Ham can be fresh, cured or cooked. Cured ham has salt and various chemicals added, p... Read More »

How to Cook a Raw Ham Shank?

A ham shank is the bottom part of a hog's leg. The shank meat cut comes as a portion, a half, or a whole shank. The portion shank will often have the center steaks removed. The half or whole shank ... Read More »