What Are Some Classroom Rituals?

Answer Teachers and students need to have classroom rituals that build growth and responsibility. Socialization is also a key ritual in the classroom that leads to building friendships and sharing. Teache... Read More »

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What animals are best for sacrificial rituals?

Is Sesame Street satanic?

This rumor pops up periodically. I really don't think so.

Is Skrillex Dubstep satanic or bad?

im christian too and i think his music is awsome. He dosnt ussually curse in his songs and dubstep dosnt have any bad language in it usually, just beats. think of dubstep as a music track that cons... Read More »

Can satanic music turn you away from god?

Opinions differ.My opinion is yes...Satanic music praises Satan...pushes evil and darkness.Not good music to listen to if you are a believer in God.You may think it doesn't affect you, but if you l... Read More »