What age did Samantha become in Sex and the City?

Answer At the End of the movie she was 50

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What happened to the show Samantha Who?

Samantha Who will return to ABC on THURSDAY, March 26 @8:30pm. I haven't the slightest idea why, but set your dvr's!It's not been on because of the writer's strike. I read on another message board ... Read More »

What nail polish does Samantha wear in Sex and the City 2?

Samantha has Minx nails mostly through out the film. I think there is 8 different scenes with different styles of minx nails. Check out my blog for a post on her nails. It's in the related links s... Read More »

In stargate SG-1 What episodes does Samantha Carter get hurt or injured in?

Here are the episodes I can remember where she gets hurt or injured:-The Broca Divide: She is stabbed by a cell mate as her and almost everyone else on base de-evolves.-The Nox: Actually, in this e... Read More »

How old is Samantha in Sex and the City?

She celebrates her 50th birthday at the end of the SATC movie