What is the definition of Internet safety?

Answer The Internet can be a wonderful resource or the source of your worst nightmare. Without the proper protection software, like website filters or spyware, the Internet can spoil your kid's childhood ... Read More »

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What is the definition of school safety?

The precise definition of school safety varies by local area and school district. In the broadest terms, it means providing an environment free of violence, crime and harassment both for students a... Read More »

What is the definition of the term risk according to the health and safety execute?

What role should parents play in increasing Internet Safety ?

Hi, Cheers. Good question. Parents should tell their kid(s) to keep their passwords private, even from their best friend! Your online service will never ask for them, so neither should anyone els... Read More »

Definition of Safety Engineering?

Safety engineering is the process of designing safer products and structures. Safety engineering also can involve improving the safety of work sites, manufacturing facilities and products as safety... Read More »