How to Use the Baron in Dominion?

Answer The Baron is an Action card, costing four coins, from the card game Dominion: Intrigue. The Baron can be played by itself or in addition to the cards in the original Dominion game. In Dominion, pla... Read More »

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How to Use the Haven in Dominion?

The "Haven" card is part of the "Dominion" card game, available in the Seaside expansion set. With an initial cost of two coins, the Haven card allows the player to draw another card, play another ... Read More »

How to Use Upgrade in Dominion?

Upgrade is a powerful card in the Dominion: Intrigue card game that gives the player one additional card and the ability to play one additional Action card, and requires the player to trash one car... Read More »

How to Use the Swindler in Dominion?

The Swindler is an Action card from the Intrigue expansion/stand-alone set of the Dominion card game. Using the Swindler, a player, as one of her actions during her turn, trashes the top card of al... Read More »

Old Dominion University Scholarships?

With a student body of over 23,000 students, Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, serves a wide variety of students from all different financial and social backgrounds. Although the costs ... Read More »