What is the definition of DDR memory?

Answer DDR stands for double data rate. It is a type of advanced computer memory. It transfers data twice as fast as its predecessor, thereby using half as much power. It is optimal for notebook computers... Read More »

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What is the definition of sdram memory?

SDRAM (Syncronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is a type of RAM chip that synchronizes with the system bus, allowing data to be more readily available. SDRAM has two separate data cell blocks, whi... Read More »

What is the definition of a memory module?

Memory modules are an important part of a computer. Without memory, there would be no way to load programs to run. Over the years, as needs have changed, so have memory types.Pin Count and SpacingI... Read More »

Definition of USB Memory Stick?

Though storage drives for computers seem cavernous, they fill up quickly with the large multimedia files or programs. A quick way to supplement that storage is with a USB memory stick, which is als... Read More »

Memory Chip Definition?

Computers process vast amounts of data. To retrieve this data when needed, computers rely on memory systems. Memory chips are an integral part of this process.