How to Beat Cabin Fever?

Answer Winter blues have you down? When it's cold outside, or the weather is harsh, you seem stuck inside without anywhere to go or a thing to do. While warm weather may seem like ages away, there are sti... Read More »

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My daughter has a rash on her face, fever and a cough. Fever has been off and on for three days. What is this?

Fever: is103.7 bad, my bf has a bad fever and sore throat. What should i do?

Is a fever a defense mechanism for the human body. What will happen if a fever is allowed to run it's course?

According to Homeopathy, a fever IS the body's defense against bacteria or viruses. Some bacteria and viruses can not survive in very warm temperatures so this is the body's way of "cooking" it to... Read More »

My daughter has a fever of 102.6 she is really hot. What can I do for her so she can get the fever down?

DO NOT GIVE A CHILD ASPRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!only tylenol or motrin. NO ICE a cool washcloth, wip her down. ice will cool her down too quick and may send her into shock.give her tylenol and an hour later ... Read More »