What is the definition of Alzheimer's Disease?

Answer Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease that causes the loss of social and intellectual abilities in old people. People with Alzheimer's disease are unable to properly care for themselves, which... Read More »

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Can alzheimers disease cause you to forget how to breath?

Definition of an Old World Disease?

Old World diseases are diseases that were in Europe before explorers and conquerors expanded to the New World and brought these diseases with them. Once in the New World, these diseases such as sma... Read More »

What is the definition of pulmonary disease?

Pulmonary disease, also referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), represents a group of lung diseases. These lung diseases typically restrict airflow.CausesAccording to the Mayo ... Read More »

What is the definition of heart disease?

Heart disease is a broad term, describing a collection of diseases that affect the heart and sometimes also the blood vessels, and that may lead to a heart attack or heart failure. It is sometimes ... Read More »